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Hey friends! If you’re reading this…THANK YOU! I haven’t written a blog post here since before I got married (WHOA!). Even though I haven’t shared much writing publicly this summer, I’ve sure been journaling a whole lot so I can remember every little bit of life in this season. So…marriage! I cannot believe it has […]

Sep 19, 2018

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Ok, so this post is definitely an excuse to share a few of my favorite engagement pics with you all. Can’t hide the truth! I’ve also been wanting to write about/share some thoughts on being engaged, in case anyone cares to read. Writing is so therapeutic, and it documents these in-between seasons I might one […]

Apr 11, 2018

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Ever since I was sixteen years old, I’ve wanted to marry Manoah. That probably sounds a little ridiculous, and honestly, it was! I had no idea at 16 what it meant to commit my life to another person in marriage, and I am sure that at 20 I still have a long way to go […]

Oct 8, 2017

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