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I recently had the pleasure of working with Erin on a wedding in January and she was a rockstar! As a wedding planner, it is sometimes hard to find synchronicity with a photographer because some are a little headstrong about it being all about them, and this was not Erin at all! She was great about getting all the shots that the couple wanted, what she dreamed up, and even the last minute ones I would ask her to ensure she captured details that were important to the couple (and me :P)! She was professional, fun, and prompt (she did amazing keeping to the timeline - again, another favorite from a planner's perspective). Oh, and she had a few sneak peeks of images to share the NEXT DAY and then delivered the full edited album of photos from the day a week a later - an AMAZING turnaround time...AND the images were just perfect. She did such a fantastic job at capturing the details, the moments, and the feels of the day and was also able to combine that with a great mix of candids. I also loved her approach to getting genuine smiles and laughs from the wedding party - I overheard her asking questions to the bridesmaids about who would be most likely to be late or take the longest to get ready - it sparked conversation, but then brought about genuine laughs and real smiles. She did a great job with this all day. If you're hiring a photographer and her style is what you're looking for, then look no further and lock her down!! I look forward to working with Erin again in the future!

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We worked with Erin on a wedding that was recently held at our hotel. She is incredible!! Such a delight to work with from early planning stages through the actual event. Her professionalism and knowledge made for a positive vendor experience. After having seen the pictures from the wedding, which she graciously allowed us to access (and after only a few days!), we can attest that she is an extremely talented photographer. We would highly recommend her to anyone, bride or not!


Mayfair Hotel

Erin Marton. Where to begin. Erin's soul shines brighter than anyone's. As a videographer, working with Erin has been nothing short of stress-free and fun. Erin is the type of person that makes the day THAT much more smooth and seamless. And it's something that is hard to come by, because that's hard to put into practice and learn. But with Erin, it's natural.. she already has it, she doesn't need to learn to be thoughtful and radiant, she just is! Working with photographers can sometimes be difficult if there isn't enough communication on the day, but that is NEVER an issue with Erin. She's so bubbly and personable and so down-to-earth that you automatically feel like one of her close friends. DON'T LOOK ANY FURTHER, HIRE ERIN!


Drew Wyman

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As a caterer and event planner, I dutifully care for every aspect of a client's special event. Finding Erin Marton Photography was a game changer! Erin arrives early with a smile and is ready for action. She, quite literally, does not miss a shot. Erin captures each and every emotion, all of the big and little moments and everything in between. The colors contained within her photos are dynamic and rich with color. Clients love her and Erin puts them at ease. Need a second shooter? No problem! Erin will bring them too and they'll have the same sweet, calm energy, talent and keen eye that Erin has. Erin comes by the venue ahead of time to suss out the magical areas and their lighting at the specific time of day of the client's event and brings it to spectacular life in her photos. There are a lot of photographers in Los Angeles, but Erin Marton Photography is far and away the best choice - an absolute delight. You won't be sorry and she'll leave you with the most glorious photo memories of your most special day.

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Mel Walker

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Read why Erin is one of the best wedding photographers in Los Angeles.

We LOVE Erin!! Picking a wedding photographer is such a big decision. You put so much into planning the day, and then afterward you have your photos to revisit those moments.

If you hire Erin, you'll have SPECTACULAR PHOTOS and an INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE. I feel lucky that we've gotten to work with her. Erin won me over immediately when she braved the early days of the pandemic to shoot our (surprise) proposal. The photos were fantastic and she made the day feel extra special (Thank you Erin!).

We knew our wedding photos would be amazing too, but we were just BLOWN AWAY when we got them. I never dreamed we would have so many incredible shots. All of our posed photos are beautiful, and the way she captured unexpected moments of us and our guests is astounding. This lady is SERIOUSLY TALENTED!

Not only that, looking at our photos I don't even know how she was in so many places at once?! There's one shot that makes me cry when I look at it. It's of us at our ceremony looking out at the crowd and making the same expression. I mean - how did she get that?!  I'm picking our album shots now, and there are more beautiful photos every time I go in.

Erin is also INCREDIBLY ORGANIZED AND PREPARED and an excellent communicator. She's such a pro in everything that she does, and we were in such good hands. Erin always went above and beyond to make us happy.  She's easy to be with, makes it very seamless, and kept us laughing. We aren't the most comfortable posing for photos, and she worked with it, and we are so happy with how we look. On your wedding day, your photographer guides you along your itinerary. Erin was very grounding and kept us moving.

I'm so glad she was part of our engagement and wedding. Honestly, I want an excuse to take more photos with Erin. Annual holiday card?!

arielle + matt

I actually knew Erin from college and had the incredible privilege of watching her build her photography business via Instagram. From the get-go, Erin of course had amazing talent and an incredible eye for photography, but was also personable, honest, and open. The way she presented herself on social media just made you WANT to be her friend! Her intentionality with clients is what drew us to her.

When my husband and I got engaged, one of the first things we decided for our wedding was to hire Erin. And man, we are SO happy with our decision! She checked off all of our boxes AND more in what we were looking for in a wedding photographer. She is INCREDIBLY communicative (like, WILL respond back to you within a day), made taking photos together SO MUCH FUN (if you're like me and you're not comfortable in front of the camera, Erin has her ways of making your nervousness melt away), and she is just a true joy to be around! She brought so much laughter and fun into our shoots. I completely trusted her the day of the wedding because she was organized, on top of the timeline, and knew our vision.

Our photos came out even better than expected. We knew we would be getting fun candids, but we didn't know how beautiful the photos would be until we received them. We got sneak peeks literally the day after our wedding and the FULL album a week afterwards. Now, my husband and I are struggling to choose favorites for prints because there are so many to choose from! I can assure you that hiring Erin for your wedding day is one of the best choices you can make for guaranteed peace and excitement for your special day and for gorgeous photos!

sarah + ryan

Erin is the best. Period. It's hard for me to really find words to describe this incredible woman and the photos she created for both our wedding and engagement sessions. First of all, Erin runs her business very well. She's a great communicator, up front with pricing and services, and conducts her research to make sure she truly captures you as a couple. Second, she's SO talented. The lighting, composition and editing of the photos is exactly what I was looking for - airy, bright, simple. They don't look over-edited but still have that vividness that makes them look like they should be in a magazine. Lastly, Erin is just an outstanding human. She is kind, funny, goofy, and went the extra mile (actually the extra 200 miles) when we decided to elope after our wedding was cancelled for Covid. Like what?? Without a second thought, she jumped into planning mode and captured the day perfectly. WE LOVE YOU ERIN! And we will cherish these photos and your friendship 5ever.

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