7 Ways to Create Time for You + Your Boo During Your Wedding Day | California Wedding Photographer

Well heeeey to all my engaged lovers!! By now, I’m guessing you’ve heard “the wedding will go by in a flash!” from at least a few well-meaning friends who are on the other side of it. However, even if it feels like the day goes by quickly, there are ways to slow down, be present, and enjoy all your hard work and detailed planning as it comes together.

IMO, time with your new husband or wife is MEGA IMPORTANT to help you slow down and actually enjoy your wedding day. Yes, you will get to hang out after you make your grand exit at the end of the night, but what’s more special than stopping to look at each other and freak out with happiness because you’re brand-new-married?!

If you’re already clapping along with me because you’ve been trying to brainstorm a few ways to be with your spouse on wedding day, then check out these ideas for how you two can spend time together and enjoy the moment!

1. Hang out before ceremony


This sounds like another way of saying “have a first look,” but I think it can be much more than that! Some couples choose to get ready at the same AirBnB, have breakfast with their entire wedding party, or have a first-look moment where they get to see each other in their fancy wedding clothes for the first time. Even FaceTiming or talking to your almost-spouse on the phone before ceremony can create a point of connection so you can slow down and just talk without interruption.

2. Drive together

Photo courtesy of    Natalie Kunkel Photography

Photo courtesy of Natalie Kunkel Photography

If you’re getting married somewhere different from where you’re throwing the party, choose to drive together (separate from your wedding party) to get there! Even 5 or 10 minutes driving together is so fun and special. Blast your favorite song, roll down all the windows, and yell as loud as you want, cause you two just got married!!!

3. Golden hour photos

During daylight savings, there’s a good chance your reception could start way before the sun goes down! This gives you an opportunity to get a few bride/groom photos done during a first look or straight after ceremony, but then you could sneak away from reception for a little time together when you’ll get even more beautiful images and extra time with your cute new hubs or wifey. ;) Definitely recommend!

4. Sweetheart table at reception


OKAY, so you might be thinking “this is dumb, there’s a zillion people at reception” which might be true. HOWEVER! I’ve found that having a sweetheart table (a small table for just you + your spouse separate from the rest of the guests/wedding party) actually allows couples to eat all the delicious food they picked out for reception and gives you a chance to talk together while you look out over the whole celebration. Plus, the good caterers and wedding coordinators will serve you two pretty much anything you want! Not bad having someone wait on you hand and foot for a day. ;) 

5. Budget “extra time” for photos 

One benefit of hiring me is that I can get wedding party and family formal photos done pretty quickly! If possible, it’s great to have at least 40 minutes of photo time with just you, your spouse, and your wedding photographer. Creating this much time in the schedule allows for you to get the photos done and then just haaaang out together before it’s time to enter reception. My couples love it when we have extra time for them to be together without others around - a lil alone time with your new spouse is so special! 

6. Private vows

After my wedding ceremony where my husband and I exchanged traditional Christian vows in front of our friends and family, we exited to a separate building on the property where we exchanged private vows/letters that we read aloud to each other (see the photos above, that’s us!!). We didn’t love the idea of sharing these personal words in front of everyone (just a personal thing!) but still really wanted the intimacy of pouring our hearts out to one another on our wedding day. It gave us time to be together and is truly SUCH a special moment we love remembering about our day!

7. Elope + throw a huge party later


For any of my couples interested in eloping but worried about how family + friends will react…don’t worry. There’s always a compromise! If you’re considering eloping, you will definitely create tons of time for just you and your boo on wedding day since there isn’t a typical timeline with traditional expectations. You can get married, relax, get your favorite food - then, a few days, weeks, or months later, throw a big party to celebrate with all your friends and family! Have your wedding your way.

 I hope these ideas are helpful as you’re planning and thinking about wedding day as it approaches. The biggest takeaway I’d love to share is this: COMMUNICATE! Talk to your partner. Talk to your photographer. Make time in your schedule to be together. If you prioritize time together on your wedding day, I promise, you’ll get it. :) Best of luck!