5 Tips to Feel Like Your Best Self on Your Wedding Day | California Wedding Photographer

Hey, hey, hey to all my brides and grooms out there! As a former bride myself, I remember exactly what wedding day feels like. It’s so exciting but a little nerve wracking at the same time. I just couldn’t wait to be married, so I was a little jittery all morning until our ceremony!

Feeling confident on your wedding day is KEY. There’s already so much going on in one day, so it’s crucial to take care of yourself and set you (and your almost-spouse) up for success by making sure nothing stands in the way of you feeling confident and proud. I’ve got a few tips to share that I hope resonate with you and make you feel even better about “the best day ever” that’s coming up soon. :)

Tip #1: Pick an outfit that makes you feel AMAZING.

Thank goodness, it’s 2019, and it’s becoming more and more accepted to wear (and do) whatever you want on your wedding day. Want to wear a traditional white dress? Go for it! Dying to strut down the aisle in an emerald green velvet suit? YAAAAS QUEEN. More about having a colorful dress or something covered in sequins? You do you. Don’t worry about what other people will say, just think about how you and your boo are gonna feel standing at the end of the aisle, ready to commit to forever. You deserve to feel GOOD and SEXY on your wedding day, so I’d recommend giving it some thought so come wedding day, you wake up and cannot wait to put on your dream outfit to marry your partner fo lyfe.

Tip #2: Take a moment to breathe and be alone.

I got about 5 minutes to myself before I walked down the aisle, and I remember how cool it felt to be so close to marrying the love of my life. I had waited for that moment for YEARS and couldn’t wait to be together forever! I also created a little space for myself when I first woke up to think, pray, write, and just absorb the plans for the day ahead. However you do it, I think it’s awesome to take a moment to process what’s going on. I’m a little bit of a control freak, so reminding myself of all to come helped me calm down and be more “in the moment.” Give yourself time to relax (and freak out with joy) as a way to prepare for the day.

Tip #3: Take a moment with your new spouse.


Whether you choose a first look or decide to drive together from ceremony to reception, don’t forget to pause sometime on your wedding day to be together, just you two (yes, even apart from your photographer!). Some of my favorite wedding day moments were when I could be alone with Manoah after we had just gotten married. It was the coolest feeling ever and made me want to jump around with excitement! However you’re feeling, it’s good to feel together and share how you’re doing. This can make you feel even more confident in the wedding day and in yourselves, and it’s just real special.

Tip #4: Two words: BEAUTY. ROUTINE.

Whether guy or gal, you’re probably going to want to get ready and look your best for the wedding. DO IT! This is your time. Go get a massage or a manicure before wedding weekend, hire an incredible hair/makeup artist, or do everything yourself. Whatever makes you feel most calm and in control and ready for this day, do it. Think ahead about what will make you feel most ready and confident so you can invest in your wedding experience. Even just taking a break from all the festivities to take a long bath the night before could help you feel more settled and prepared - just do you, boo.

Tip #5: Write it down; record it all; remind yourself of why you’re doing this.

I wrote a lot the week of our wedding (and the week after) because I didn’t want to forget a moment. I wrote my fiancé a card before our wedding so he could read it before our ceremony. I’m a natural documenter in every way, so for me, it was really cool to have so many ways of reminding myself why we were doing this. I wanted to be constantly reminded of our love and connection as we stepped into married life, so I wrote about it (and made little videos of my fiancé and I being so joyful and goofy as we did final planning together). Whatever makes you feel best, do that. You could look through old cards and love letters, make a little selfie video talking about what you’re feeling, anything that would help you document and remember the experience you’re about to have. It could make you feel even more excited if you look back over mementos of the relationship and write about what you’re about to experience!

I hope a few of these tips help you feel more ready for your wedding day. However you choose to prepare, it’s going to be a special day, and I’m here cheering you on!