Waterfall Engagement Photos at the Columbia River Gorge, Portland | Portland Engagement Photographer | Destination Wedding Photographer

PART TWOOOO of this amazing trip is here; Sophie + Kade and I continued the adventure with these waterfall engagement photos at the Columbia River Gorge in Portland! So. So. Gorgeous. Wow. I seriously still don’t have words for how cool this experience was, just trekking through trees to find some amazing waterfalls. These two were so incredibly easy and down for adventure, so we had a great (albeit rainy) afternoon together :)

The two spots we visited were Bridal Veil Falls and Horse Trail Falls! These areas were perfect because there was easy parking and they were not hard to access! Horse Trail Falls is literally right off the road past Multnomah Falls, so that made our life super easy since we pretty much stumbled across it at the very end. Bridal Veil Falls was just a short hike from the nearby parking lot, so we went for it!

Let’s just talk for a minute about this bizarre landscape (in comparison to my land of sunshine here in LA, that is). Everything in Oregon is SO GREEN. There’s literally leaves and ivy and moss growing on tree trunks. Even the brown is green! A little rain was completely worth it to see this magical forest wonderland. Something I loved about this trip was how quiet Oregon felt. We could stand in the middle of a forest not far from the freaking highway and hear nothing but a waterfall in the distance and the sound of our own footsteps sloshing through puddles. There’s a lot of noise and light in LA. It was strange but amazing to be in a quiet, moody, dark place for a few days. :)

I think photos like these can be misleading for sure. Is it beautiful and striking to be in this type of surrounding with a willing couple who wants to do photos with you? Yes, yes of course it is! But the key is that we only did what they were comfortable with. I would never drag a couple out to a waterfall if they hate that idea and think it doesn’t sound fun at all. It’s a special kind of thing when you are secretly so stoked to adventure and your couple is too, but not everyone is like that, and that’s okay. Choose your own adventure, even if it’s ordering pizza and playing oldies on your record player. I just wanna be in it with you. <3

Lots of love for Sophie + Kade and these days we had together. Won’t forget it anytime soon.

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“Erin did such an amazing job with our engagement photos! She spent 4 days with us in Portland, and had done so much research prior to coming out, that we explored new places each day. My fiancé and I are pretty awkward in front of a camera, but Erin made it feel so easy and natural for us. She definitely knows what she's doing, and made the entire process run smoothly. We had mixed weather, and she was very confident we could get great pictures rain or shine (and we did!). She is a perfect mix of fun, adventurous, and professional, and is super easy to connect with. Because she was staying with us in Portland, we got to see some behind-the-scenes of her editing skills - the before and afters blew my mind! Erin puts out fantastic pictures, and edits them to bring out peoples best features. Her edits look very natural, and are there to enhance the beauty of the original photo. She works very quickly, and had our photos done much sooner than we expected! Erin truly loves her art, and creates high quality photos we will cherish forever. My fiancé and I could not have asked for a better experience for our engagement photo session!” - Sophie + Kade