Any questions before we party?!


It’s likely this is your first time hiring a wedding photographer, so it’s normal to have questions about the process! Below is a list of questions I get asked pretty frequently - please take a look at each of them so you have a good understanding of how I operate!

My goal is to make you feel comfortable and connected with me so you have the best experience possible.

Of course, I always welcome more questions if yours didn’t get answered here. I’m just an email away if you want to chat more!

So, you know, fire away!

Q: When do we get our photos?

I deliver sneak peeks (usually at least 10 images) of your wedding or engagement shoot within 48 hours. The final gallery hits your inbox within 3-4 weeks for weddings and 2-3 weeks for shoots! This is a very quick turnaround time for industry standards - extra perk of hiring me!!!

Q: Do we get ALL our photos?

I deliver all the best photos. The only ones that don’t make the cut have people chewing, blinking, or generally not looking cute (no one needs those!). You can expect around 50-70 photos per hour of coverage.

Q: Describe your style.

A few words to describe my editing style: bright, cheery, colorful, vibrant (plenty of examples all over this site!).

A few words to describe my shooting style: documentary, subtle, a little bit prompted, designed to fit the moment and make you feel comfortable.

Q: Will you use Photoshop to edit out my acne?

I gently retouch skin for things that shouldn’t normally be there (like acne spots), but I do not remove things like scars, birthmarks, moles, etc. Heavy photoshopping (like if you want an extra arm or a new face) will require additional fees and likely be outsourced. I want to photograph you as your natural self, not as a body to be reconstructed on my computer.

Q: Can you travel to our wedding?

Of course! Extra fees will apply to cover lodging, airfare and rental car (if necessary).

Q: Can we meet you before the wedding?

Heck yes! That's what engagement sessions are for! We can get nice and comfy before your wedding day rolls around. I’m also available by FaceTime, phone, email, etc. Tell me how you want to get in touch, and we’ll make it happen.

Q: We’re sold! How do we book you?

Glad you asked, and can’t wait to hear from you! Fill out this form, and I’ll respond within a few hours (unless I’m asleep because you inquired at 2am after stalking my website late at night…hehe). We’ll chat about your ideal wedding photography coverage, you sign a contract and pay the retainer fee, annnnd you got yourself a wedding photographer! Woohoo!


“Erin did an amazing job with our engagement photos! During the shoot, it didn't even feel like we were posing for pictures; she made us so comfortable that it felt like we were all just hanging out together. She also had a batch of photos back to us in less than 24 hours! We absolutely LOVE the pictures -- they capture our relationship so well.”

Brenna + Keith

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