Ready to book me?!

I juuust might do a little *happy dance* when I get your email! 

Here’s how this works:

  1. Fill out this form so I can get to know you now that you’ve learned a lil about me! It’ll help me figure out immediately if I’m available for your date and how I can best serve you two. <3

  2. I respond to your inquiry within 3 hours unless I’m asleep or out shooting a wedding! I promise you'll hear from me asap so we can figure out all the details. PS…this applies to emails AFTER you’ve booked me too. Yep, I hit you back FAST and remain available so you’re not waiting around wondering where the heck I am.

  3. You sign a contract on your phone and put down a retainer fee to lock in your date - YAY!

  4. I show up, take pictures of everything while making you laugh and giggle and feel all lovey-dovey

  5. You get alllll the photos back within 3-4 weeks! Simple as that!

If you’re inquiring about an engagement shoot or to collaborate on some other photo-magic, please email me: